New In: DIY Skirt


For the past three months I have been taking a sewing course. I have wanted to learn how to sew for the past couple of years so I thought the summer holidays would be a perfect opportunity to start and I have been able to fit it into my schedule to continue as I returned to university. I started off learning the basics of sewing and making some polka dot pillow cases and then I progressed onto a skirt which I finished last week. I have made two very basic skirts in the past which I posted here and here but the skirt I made in sewing class is much better. I made patterns for both a gathered skirt and a straight skirt and this skirt is more complex and better quality. I properly learned how to sew zips, buttons and waistbands. I am very pleased with how my skirt turned out and I can’t wait to make some more, it is just a matter of finding time. I love the print and there are so many different tops I can wear with it as well as my flower shoes. I will make an outfit post of it soon. Eventually I will learn how to make a dress.



I love wearing an item that I made myself. I also made a flower belt last weekend, with some help, which I will post at some point in time since it goes well with this skirt.

30 thoughts on “New In: DIY Skirt

  1. That's amazing! You must feel very proud 🙂 I'm going to learn some sewing skills this summer too.
    And I have spring/summer to look forward to now – I forget that I follow people from all over the world who are experiencing different weather, haha.

    Rosie x


  2. That skirt is so beautiful! It seriously looks like you bought it from an expensive boutique! Job well done, my friend. 🙂 I can't wait to see what else you sew!! I'm envious of your fabulous sewing skills. xoxo


  3. Oh fantastic…especially love the double stitching…and committing to any kind of course is a big thing…just to keep going isn't something that most people can do so well done to you chickie!


  4. Well done! It is a really lovely fabric and looks great with that top.
    I also sewed a skirt, very similar a while back and i have to agree it feels great to wear someting you make. I also made a belt recently, cant wait to see what your looks like!
    It would be wonderful to make a dress but quite tricky I think.



  5. This skirt is so amazing and sewn so well! I got a sewing machine for christmas, but am still trying to find some pretty material to make a skirt out of, it seems so hard to come buy! Did you buy your supplies offline or from where you live?


  6. The skirt you made is gorgeous! I admire your sewing skills, I did textiles at school for several years and my Granny has tried to teach me several times to sew but I've always been atrocious at it!


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