New In: Locket

I have decided to introduce a feature to my blog which will be called: Item of the Week. This is where I will showcase some of my items that are important and special to me. I will start off this series with my silver locket.

Almost a year ago, for my 21st birthday, Rydog bought me a beautiful silver locket from an antique store. I had wanted a locket for a long time so I could fill it with photographs of those who are important to me. It was the perfect birthday present and it immediately became very special to me. This particular locket was the most beautiful I had ever seen. It was so shiny, a pretty heart shape, I loved the solid shape and size and the unique four way fold out in the middle was stunning. I wore this locket with so many outfits such asΒ hereΒ andΒ here. I confess that a few months ago my beautiful locket was misplaced. I think it fell off when I was out because the clasp on the chain was loose. I was very upset about this and annoyed at myself for not taking better care of such a very beautiful piece of jewellery. I went back to the store where it was bought in an attempt to replace it but without success. I also looked on ebay for a similar locket but nothing was as good as my previous locket. I had given up hope of ever getting my locket back. However, last Friday Rydog bought me a replacement locket and it was the identical piece from the exact same store. The shop must have received another order of the lockets. I couldn’t believe it and it was one of the best surprises I have ever had. It was very sweet of Rydog to do this for me because the locket meant so much to me. This locket has a lot of value and I will treasure it even more from now on.





26 thoughts on “New In: Locket

  1. Gorgeous locket! I love it especially since it has such a sentimental meaning to you. That is a treasure you will have FOREVER and be able to show your grandchildren and pass down to your granddaughter! πŸ™‚ xoxo


  2. That's a really pretty locket, I love the way it opens up into four sections. And thanks for the lovely comment, I'm feeling a lot better now and yes the Abbey is beautiful! xxx


  3. hi there darling:) item of the week, I like! this necklace is really special! I like that you can unfold it like that:) We're hosting a giveaway on our blog by the way! Come and take a look and join to win πŸ™‚



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