Outfit: Floral Playsuit


Hello everyone, how was your weekend? I had a very busy, eventful and enjoyable weekend. On Saturday Rydog, his family and I attended a 21st birthday party for a friend who Rydog and I went to high school with. It was held at a park which is a very beautiful place to spend an afternoon. I decided to wear my floral playsuit instead of my black playsuit. I bought a couple of playsuits last week and I absolutely love the one which I wore to the party. It makes me wonder why I didn’t get into the playsuit trend before now. On Sunday I went to the beach for the first time of this whole summer. It was so much fun and relaxing and I love the people that I went with!








My life has become complicated again and I need to make a significant life decision very soon. I am so nervous and unsure about what to do because there are so many consequences of each course of action and I just can’t choose which one is right. I feel like I am at a cross roads in a certain area of my life and I wish there was a way out of this situation. I can’t say more than that right now but it will make more sense later.I’m pleased with myself for placing this issue to one side for the weekend and enjoying the time. If this had happened a couple of months ago I would have continually analysed the situation and felt extreme nerves and anxiety without being able to enjoy the weekend activities. This is some progress I am making by taking one day at a time and trying not to worry about issues so early in advance.

46 thoughts on “Outfit: Floral Playsuit

  1. That floral playsuit is gorgeous! And I love your hair. You look stunning. 🙂

    I'm sorry you seem to be going through such an awful situation. It sounds like a pretty awful dilemma to be in…write me if you need to talk or to just let me know how you are. I'm worried. I hope everything is okay soon…


  2. Your playsuit looks great. You look stunning in red. And what a great idea to have a 21st in the park instead of the usual pub. I hope you had a good time. Good luck with the big choice you have to make. Like Robert Frost said, I suggest choosing the one less travelled 😉


  3. What a cute playsuit, love the bright pattern. I keep picking up playsuits at the stores thinking theyre dresses, I put them straight back because I know they wouldnt suit me. Looks great on you though, and perfect for summer.



  4. First of all, the playsuit is incredible on you, I think it suits you so much and it's so pretty!

    Also, hope you manage to figure out your situation soon, it sounds like a tough decision!


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