Day Out: Fort Denison


On Sunday I spent the day in Sydney City celebrating my sister’s 18th birthday. We went to Fort Denison for lunch which is one of Sydney’s historic landmarks and is an island located in the centre of Sydney Harbour. Despite living in Sydney for my entire life I had never been there before. It is such a beautiful place with fabulous views of the harbour, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It was a wonderful place for photos. The restaurant was amazing. My family and I all agreed that it was definitely some of the best food we had ever tasted. I heard that they frequently conduct wedding receptions at this restaurant which made me think that maybe I would like to get married there. It is obviously much too early to decide now but it just made me think…






I am planning to make a separate outfit post about the dress that I am wearing because it is definitely one of my favourite dresses that I have ever owned. The whole day that I was out on Sunday I didn’t even realise that both my sister and I were wearing polka dots. I was thinking about taking a break from blogging until after the university semester finishes but I have decided that I probably won’t because I will miss you all too much and blogging helps me to remain happy during this difficult and otherwise boring couple of weeks of my life. I won’t be posting much and comments will be slower than usual but I will still be around to some extent.

34 thoughts on “Day Out: Fort Denison

  1. i have never been to Australia nor have i ever gotten a passport or visa, but Sydney looks fascinating. I like the lace yoke and hem of your dress, and what a gorgeous setting. i live in the U.S. on the NorthEast coast, so winter will be arriving here before you know it. What is a good time of year to visit there? Do they have many places with vegetarian cuisine? It looks like a wonderful place to go sailing, shopping, sunbathing, partying, hearing a concert, relaxing, and a nice place for your sister's birthday.


  2. WOw, looks like it really does have great views of Sydney!
    I love polka dots at the moment…still…and just bought a polka dot dress last week πŸ™‚
    GOodluck with the rest of your uni semester, you will be loving the 3 months off I bet.



  3. hello! just stumbled upon your blog. nice to see another law student blogging about fashion and related stuff πŸ™‚
    i like the dress you're wearing, it's quite cute! and living in England… I'm terribly jealous of the weather you've got over there πŸ™‚


  4. Oh wow, those photos are really lovely. Ah looks warm and sunny with you. I can tell you its not like that here in Edinburgh!Sounds like you had a lovely time.xo


  5. Awww you and your sister are so adorable! I love that you match. πŸ™‚

    These photos are beautiful. Sydney looks like such a breathtaking and fabulous city. I have always wanted to visit.

    Good luck with school. Doesn't summer break start for you soon?!


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