Collection: Forever New

I adore the current collection at Forever New. I know I post these collections frequently but thats because I have been very impressed with this label for most of the year. It is definitely one of my favourite stores at the moment. Inspired by this collection, I am starting to like playsuits and maxi dresses a lot more. I still don’t own either of them but maybe I will sometime.





Pictures from Forever New.

30 thoughts on “Collection: Forever New

  1. I dont often keep my hair how it naturally is. The photo of me in my most recent post is my natural hair, and my new profile pic is how it is when I curl it 🙂



  2. Lovely promotional images. The blonde model is really pretty.

    Ah I totally get what you mean about thinking about what life could have been if your mom didn't move to Oz. I always think this too and imagine that my life in Hong Kong would have been very differemt!


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