Day Out: Fagan Park (Part 1)


Saturday was such a warm and beautiful day so I decided to attend the park and it was the perfect opportunity to take some pictures. I went with Rydog and Sara who is my future sister in law but the way we see it, we are already sisters. We took so many pictures so I have decided to divide the trip into two posts. I have been experimenting with a new hairstyle on the weekend and my mum came up with the genius idea in the first place. It is a series of twists at the front and then the rest of my hair is left out. I love it because it adds some detailing to the top and addresses the flat and lifeless appearance that my hair usually has. I’ll post a close up of it in part two of my trip to the park.











34 thoughts on “Day Out: Fagan Park (Part 1)

  1. Your top is super cute! Im jelous that you have such warm weather!? No way it is warm enough in Adelaide to wear a skirt or dress 😦
    Your future sis in laws cadi is cute too.



  2. I do love these photos. You are lovely in all of them. Again, your outfit is STUNNING. I have a feeling if I ever took a peek in your closet, I would faint from all the utter fabulousness. Hehe.

    Your hair is very pretty as well! It's a great style for you and I hope you wear it like that again. 🙂


  3. Such a cute hairstyle! It's nice to wear your hair differently sometimes:)

    I think your future sis in law is the cutest thing too! Can't wait to see pics of the park part 2!



  4. I love how you look in these pictures, sooo pretty. In some ways your style reminds me of the girl from le blog de sushi… all the bows and lace and classy outfits! I'm happy to do a link exchange… just give me until after the weekend cos I'm going away and realllly have to go pack now!


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