Collections: Alannah Hill

If you have been reading my blog for long enough then you may be aware that Alannah Hills is my absolute favourite designer. I adore the colours, femininity of the designs, detailing and all the bows, polka dots and florals and I think that her collections accurately represent my personal style more than other designs. I like to draw inspiration from Alannah Hill. I thought I would share this collection that currently appears on the website. I was very pleased to see a new collection when I was browsing the Internet today and I am so impressed. This is my favourite Alannah Hill collection and it is so incredibly beautiful. I like it even more than the last one that I posted here a few months ago.


Alannah Hill


Alannah Hilll





26 thoughts on “Collections: Alannah Hill

  1. It's absolutely gorgeous and I can see why you love it! I'm hard pressed to choose a favourite. Perhaps the girl in yellow with the headscarf. Perhaps the light green dress paired with the red tights. I love all things colourful and detailed and these are just lovely!


  2. Okay, you have GOT to know that my mouth was open the entire time I saw these photos. The gorgeous, vibrant colors. The adorable designs. The timeless look. You and I have a similar fashion sense and for that, I could not be more grateful. Thank you SO MUCH for posting these fabulous photos. 🙂

    My heart is aching for each and every one of these outfits!!!


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