Day Out: Darling Harbour


Yesterday Rydog and I spent the day in Darling Harbour in Sydney City. We went shopping, travelled on the monorail and generally walked around and relaxed in the area. It was a fun and enjoyable day but it made me realise how different Sydney is when the weather is cold during the winter time. I think that Sydney is a very beautiful city during summer with an eventful, happy and holiday atmosphere but at this time of the year it is much less impressive. It makes me wish that the summer holidays were here because I love it then. Here are some scenes that I captured in Darling Harbour:







Next week I am returning to university and I absolutely cannot believe that the start of a new academic semester has almost arrived. I know that holidays always pass quickly but this one has been absolutely unbelievable and I am having trouble comprehending where all the time has gone. I have had an enjoyable holiday but I would do almost anything for it to be longer. I wish I could live like this forever! I’m starting to feel a little nervous about the thought of returning to university and I am scared that my feelings and situation from last semester may return but I am trying my best to overcome this. I am trying to take away some satisfaction from my results from last semester and hopefully the knowledge that I achieved three credits and a distinction when I was so discontent and unsatisfied will help me to relax and believe that I can get through another semester. I am generally going to try and take it a bit easier, not pressure myself and try to ensure that it doesn’t take over my life as much as possible. If I pass this semester I would have completed my commerce degree! 

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. I appreciate them all very much! It is exciting to be engaged and I loved sharing this important event with you.


26 thoughts on “Day Out: Darling Harbour

  1. These are really fantastic photos. You must have a great camera to get such clear shots as these! 🙂

    I'm glad you had fun! I wish I had a cool place to visit like Darling Harbor…

    I'm sorry school is starting so quickly. I am sending a lot of good vibes your way so you can make it through this semester!!


  2. Darling Harbour looks lovely, I love relaxed days like this too.
    Mikey went back to uni on Monday too, I think the end of the year cant come fast enough. Bring on christmas haha.



  3. Yes, a white dress would be nice, like a little white dress. For summer events or something 🙂 With something black. I like white dresses with converses, martens or just black pumps. a leather jacket is nice too.


  4. Sydney looks beautiful 🙂 Seeing pictures from around Sydney is a lot of fun. I hope you will have an easy start to the new semester. How many semesters do you have left of your studies?

    I'm going to be in Norway for two weeks – it's so wonderful being back here.


  5. Oh, and in response to your last comment: I'm glad that things are progressing. I'm confident that you'll do well again this upcoming semester. Focus on what needs to be accomplished, but as you said, go easy on yourself. It will all come together in the end.


  6. Looks like you had an amazing time!
    Fab post and photos deary. Hope you are having a fun Sunday! xx
    ps) Congrats on your engagement! Just saw your previous post 🙂


  7. I can't wait to go to sydney!! your pictures are getting me excited!! what are the “must-sees” and “must-go's” in sydney?? also, do you know of any vintage markets that go on the saturdays in sydney? x


  8. Congratulations on your engagement!! These photos are gorgeous – one of my friends has just come back from Australia after having been travelling around for a year and he's got such a funny confused accent now. I'm also very jealous you are going back to uni soon – it's much nicer than the scary world I am having to venture in to! 🙂 x


  9. Most cities look better in the summer, I guess. Vancouver certainly does. I was in Sydney in December once, and it was very impressive, but there were bush fires so lots of ash floating through the air, which was a bit disconcerting! Great photos though!


  10. take your time with classes and just think that it will all pay off in the end :] i keep forgeting that it is winter below the equator because it is burning hot around here. now that you say Sydney is less impressive during the winter, I think it would be a good excuse to get away from the winter time here.


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