Outfit: Boucle Jacket


Hello everyone. I have wanted to take some outfit pictures for many weeks now because I have new clothes that I’d like to post but it has been raining so much and very cold so I haven’t had much of a chance.Fortunately today I found these pictures stored on my computer which were taken a couple of weeks ago and I have not yet posted. This is the Bardot jacket that I received a couple of months ago for my birthday. It is my favourite jacket, I wear it frequently and I’m sure you will see it on my blog a few other times.






I’m still trying to study for exams. I’m certainly not working as much as I should but I’m getting something done and I’ll see what happens. I like to post even when I am busy because its a welcome break from studying but I think this be my last post until after next Wednesday. I cannot wait and I’m already starting to think of all the fun things I plan to do during the holidays.

Bardot Boucle Jacket
Bardot Bow Skirt
Kmart Lace Flats
Review Bag

26 thoughts on “Outfit: Boucle Jacket

  1. Just imagine how life could be if everything uni-related would be finished … Awww holidays … I can only dream about that these days …

    Lovely look, Imogen! This jacket is suits so so well, because it's so delicate and graceful – just like you are =)


  2. Lovely jacket. It's just the right one to pull together a great look in a flash 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with studying and your upcoming exams. Also, have fun planning for your holiday break. Be sure to make it worthwhile after all of your hard work this term. Before I go, thank you for your kind comment (and the birthday greeting!) on my latest blog post. Talk to you soon, Imogen! 🙂


  3. Oh, how I can't wait for my holidays to start too! Well, very soon for me:)

    Your jacket is so lovely, I adore how 'Chanel' it is! You look so elegant!!



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