Collection: Forever New


I love the current collection at Forever New. The polka dots, nude tones and detailing combined with the theme of the collection makes these pictures amazing. The favourite item is the polka dot dress which may be obvious depending on how long you have been viewing my blog. I was in Forever New last weekend when shopping with Rydog and his family and we almost bought the polka dot dress. I think we were planning to go back to it but it didn’t happen and I had to consider that it is now the middle of winter and it is a summer tea dress. I want to buy it so much more after seeing it on the website today.




Pictures from Forever New

18 thoughts on “Collection: Forever New

  1. That polka dot dress is FABULOUS!! Wow. I'm totally obsessing over it now. Maybe it will go on sale later on? You should keep an eye on it and see. 😉 I think you would look perfect in it.

    Don't worry about being too busy for commenting right now. I definitely know how that goes! What's more important is keeping up with everything in real life first, lol.

    I can't wait to see pics and hear about Ryan's birthday party! Yay!


  2. Polka dots are everywhere now, these are so lovely! I really adore the nudish, pale pink hues as well!

    Don't worry about being behind in commenting, I'm sure everyone understands:)



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