Outfit: Nautical Stripes


A few days ago I visited the park with Rydog to take some photos. We have spent a considerable amount of time together recently and I am so happy he has returned. If you have been visiting my blog for awhile you may remember some of the nautical outfits that I posted in the past which you can view here and here. I have a number of nautical clothing items so it is one of the trends that I am best at creating and wear quiet a lot. Last week when I was in Bardot I bought this skirt and knew instantly that it would be a purchase that I wouldn’t regret. I have the strapless dress in the exact same design, which I love (but the weather is becoming too cold for me to wear it) and the skirt version will go well with many things in my wardrobe. I really like the gold buttons and the gold zip at the back.







I hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend. I had a very fun day yesterday since I went shopping with Rydog and his family and then went out for dinner. I have a new cardigan from Bardot yesterday which I will post on here soon. Today I am really bored since Rydog is busy working on an assessment. I should also be studying for my company accounting exam which is next week but I’m finding it very difficult to start. I must commence some practice questions soon.

Bardot Stripe Top
Bardot Stripe Jacket
Bardot Skirt

43 thoughts on “Outfit: Nautical Stripes

  1. I do like your new skirt! And of course your shoes 🙂
    Glad to see youve stuck with your uni course, goodluck with your exam! I can remember how hard it was getting started with studying.



  2. Oh, I really love your nautical clothings! One of my favourite themes actually! The skirt with the golden buttons is precious, and I really want that sailor top of yours!!



  3. Wow you're so lean, Imogen! Loving your skirt, esp. the cute buttons on it.

    I find it also hard to start studying with boring stuff like that. Sigh. I feel with you.


  4. Omg omg omg!!! I know I say this all the time, but you are SO AUDREY HEPBURN!! This outfit is so elegant and gorgeous and SO something Audrey would have worn. That skirt is stunning. I love the design and the gold buttons. And that red bow in your hair is adorable with the outfit.

    PS. Love the new layout too!
    PPS. Thanks for having confidence in me. It is so daunting trying to lose weight alone. Lol.


  5. Your nautical outfits are always so lovely, Imogen! This skirt looks great on you. And how sweet is that little ribbon in your hair! I was just thinking the other day that I want to get some new hair ribbons. Perhaps I'll pick some up after work tomorrow 🙂


  6. Gah, that is seriously the most perfect dress! It suits you so well and really brings out your figure in a lovely way. And it's so cute matched with the red striped cardigan.


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